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Tuya Smart ZigBee/Wi-Fi Locks

We offer sleek and high-tech smart door locks that compatible with Tuya smart and Smart Life app. The smart door locks have Wi-Fi or ZigBee connecting capability which enables the door to be opened remotely through smartphone App. In addition to wireless unlock function, they support biometric recognition (fingerprint), you're able to open the door by scanning your fingerprint. Moreover, it supports password verification and key cards, as well as physical keys to open the door. To enhance the security, users can use the multiple combination verification (e.g. fingerprint + password, password + key cards).

Product Features

  • Durable full aluminium or Zinc-aluminium alloy enclosure
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module allows you to lock/unlock from anywhere
  • Built-in ZigBee module to work with your existing gateway
  • Fast 0.3s fingerprint scanning and high accurate 500DPI recognition/verification
  • Store up to 100pcs fingerprints to unlock
  • Entering password via touchpad to unlock (up to 160million combinations)
  • Replaceable and rechargeable battery pack that lasts 180 days
  • Low battery reminder offers weeks of advanced warning for battery charge
  • Support unlock door via MIFARE cards up to 300pcs
  • Indoor quick lock/unlock key design
  • Anti-tampering protection
  • Backup power input and physical key design

How Smart Lock Works

Smart locks are high tech locks have integrated with the latest keyless and IoT technology. Smart locks not only support locally lock and unlock through entering password and scanning fingerprint, but also support remote lock and unlock through your smartphone. Tuya smart door locks can connect to Internet through either Wi-Fi or ZigBee. They’re powered by battery which lasts a few months, users are able to know the percentage of battery capacity and also getting notified when battery is low.

Wi-Fi door locks:door locks that have built-in Tuya Wi-Fi modules can connect to your router by Wi-Fi (2.4G). Providing user-friendly experience, since the Wi-Fi door locks can connect to Internet without additional equipment. Users are able to access and conect the smart locks via Tuya Smart / Smart Life app.

Wi-Fi connecting diagram
Smart Door Lock Wi-Fi Connection Diagram

ZigBee door Locks:door locks that controlled and connected by ZigBee gateway and ZigBee communication protocol. Users are able to use Tuya smart / Smart Life app to add the ZigBee gateway to remotely access and control the smart locks. Comparing to Wi-Fi, ZigBee equipments can form a cluster by using the ZigBee gateway, the system works without Wi-Fi/Internet. Additionally, ZigBee can support higher number of connected equipment (max. 65000). In addition to Tuya smart/Smart Life app, users are able to use third-party home automation app (compatible with ZigBee) to control the door locks.

ZigBee connecting diagram
Smart Door Lock ZigBee Connection Diagram

Wi-Fi Vs ZigBee

If you’re struggling to choose between Wi-Fi and ZigBee smart locks, we are willing to provide some insights. Normally, it’s right to choose either of them. Under some exceptional conditions you may choose the one that fits your requirement. If users do not want to buy additional equipment (e.g. ZigBee gateway), Wi-Fi is the right choice. Wi-Fi door locks connect to your router no need to use extra equipment. If your house is installed with a ZigBee system, no wonder opting for a ZigBee lock is a good choice.

Moreover, depends on which kind of router you’re using, for a stable Wi-Fi connection, the max. number of connected device is about 10 (though you're able to connect more than 10pcs network devices, but it's great likely that some devices may encounter traffic jam and connection becomes unstable). If you want to have a stable connection, then ZigBee is a better choice. ZigBee door lock does not directly connect to your router, so connection is stable. Finally, if you want to expand your home automation system in the future (for example adding some security sensors), ZigBee still is the best option.

Item Wi-Fi ZigBee
Standard IEEE802.11 b/g/n, Wireless N IEEE802.15.4, ZigBee 3.0
Operating Frequency 2.4GHz 900-928MHz/868MHz
Bandwidth 0.3/0.6MHz 1MHz
Network Range 30-100 meters 10-30 meters
Data Transfer Speed 54Mbps (Wireless N, 2.4GHz) 250kbps
Power Consumption 50-180mA 12.5-45mA(25% of the power of WiFi)
Network Size 2007 nodes 65000 nodes
Network Elements None ZigBee Gateway

Tuya Smart Locks FAQ

The Tuya ZigBee/WiFi Smart Lock is compatible with most standard single cylinder deadbolt locks. For a detailed list of compatible lock hardware, see our compatibility page.
Battery life varies based on how often the lock is operated, the friction in your deadbolt, Wi-Fi signal strength, and the settings on your Wi-Fi router. Under typical conditions with Wi-Fi enabled, the Tuya Wi-Fi Smart Lock will have a battery life of up to 180 days.
The lock supports 802.11 b/g/n on the 2.4GHz frequency.
Wi-Fi smart locks can not support ZigBee gateway and Z-Wave hub. The Zigbee smart locks can work with your existing ZigBee gateway.
Tuya smart locks are suitable for 400mm - 120mm thickness doors